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SMRL Boasts Strong Presence at ACS NOLA Conference

The American Chemical Society (ACS) hosted its 255th National Meeting & Exposition this past March in New Orleans, Lousiana.  SMRL sent both Dr. Silvio Curia and Elyse Baroncini to present their individual works in the International Symposium on Biorelated Polymers: Renewable Materials Divison.  Also in attendance was Emanuele D'Angelo.  The conference was a huge success with much excitment and interest around the SMRL presentations.  Outside of work hours, the SMRL group members enjoyed the mix of Cajun, Creole and French cuisine typical of New Orleans.  


Images from left to right: Silvio Curia presenting, Emanuele D'Angelo eating crawfish, Elyse Baroncini presenting

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