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SMRL 3D Prints Fossil Replicas for Rowan University Fossil Park

The Sustainable Materials Research Laboratory has put to use its knowledge of polymer additive manufacturing by revisiting the Cretaceous Period!  Fossils of a Taphrosphys plastron and Thoracosauras jaw were found at the Jean & Ric Edelman Fossil Park at Rowan University located in Mantua Township in Southern New Jersey.  Researchers at the fossil park, which is directed by Rowan's School of Earth & Environment, requested the SMRL to 3D print replicas of the turtle shell and crocodile jaw to use as instructive tools on display at the site.  Once printed, the fossil replicas were painted to recreate the discoveries of the Cretaceous Period, as seen in the pictures below.  Future plans for the Fossil Park include construction of a museum and visitor center which will be open to the public.  Please see for more information!



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