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CHE and SMRL Students Honored at the Department's Annual Awards Banquet!

On April 28th, the Chemical Engineering Department came together to celebrate the many achievements of our undergraduate and graduate students and alumni.  Every year the CHE faculty nominate and select students on behalf of their numerous accomplishments.  Congratulations to all the award recipients! A job well done! (SMRL students underlined)

Clarence Slater Award for Excellence in ChE (Medallion):  Alexander Johnston

Freshman Recognition Award:  Dylan Manuguerra

Senior – Highest ChE GPA:  Alexnader Johnson

Senior – AIChE Chemical Engineering Department Service:  Matthew Schwenger

ChE Clinic Award:  Noah Hough and Kaitlin Milne (Advised by Prof. Martin Haase)

Chemical Engineering Research Award:  Claire Breyta, Amy Honnig, Julia Reilly and Kayla Sweet (Advised by Prof. Joe Stanzione & SMRL Ph.D. student Alex Bassett)

Chemical Engineering Research Award:  Alexander Hesketh, Elizabeth Kulhman, Sabrina Rittweger, Justin Ryan and Philip Wall (Advised by Prof. Iman Noshadi)

Excellence in Sustainability Award:  John Borovilas, Don Dunner, Brandon Lawrence, Drew Skiba, Andrew Warne, and Christian Wisniewski (Advised by Profs. Mariano Savelski & Stewart Slater)

Excellence in Materials Innovation Award:  Savannah Dautle, Barry Satterfield and Nicholas Testa (Advised by Prof. Joe Stanzione & Postdoc Research Fellow Silvio Curia, Ph.D.)

Excellence in Renewable Energy Award:  William Gray, Alexandra Divito, Caleb Hill, Justin Widener, Jodael Petit-Homme and Owen Stecca (Advised by Prof. Iman Noshadi)

Rowan AIChE Student Chapter Service Award:  Kayla Sweet

William L. Maxwell Graduate Scholarship:  Harrison Hawkins

William L. Maxwell Undergraduate Scholarship:  Ian Dunn


Originally Presented at AIChE DVS Student Awards Dinner

Annual Outstanding Senior in Chemical Engineering at Rowan University:  Leah Filardi

Annual Outstanding Junior in Chemical Engineering at Rowan University:  Alexander Hesketh

Annual Outstanding Sophomore in Chemical Engineering at Rowan University:  Kelly Yorke

Othmer Award:  Casey Wagner

Alumni Award:  Michael Hatton

Graduate Student:  Alexander Bassett

Zeisberg Laboratory Report Award Nominee and Awardee:  Alexander Bassett, Claire Breyta, Amy Honnig, Julia Reilly and Kayla Sweet (Advised by Prof. Joe Stanzione)

Zeisburg Design Report Award Nominee:  Ryan Biggs, Jayson Cosgrove, Tiffany O’Connor and Kevin Schmalbach (Advised by Prof. Kevin Dahm)

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