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2019 Engineering Clinic Showcase Highlights SMRL Undergraduates' Research

On April 18, 2019, the 4th annual Henry M. Rowan College of Engineering Engineering Clinic Showcase took place at Rowan and Engineering Halls to give undergraduate engineering students the chance to present their research from this academic year. The Sustainable Materials Research Lab had a strong presence with all of its Clinic groups involved, including the Clinic team of Claire Breyta, Ian Dunn, and Amy Honnig, project entitled "Bio-based Resins for Additive Manufacturing", who represented the Chemical Engineering department in the Department Presentations Competition. Congratulations to them and their project team leader SMRL CHE graduate student Alexander Bassett for placing second in the competition. Great job to all involved!

Below are photos of the SMRL undergrads at their posters during the Engineering Clinic Showcase.


From left to right, Christopher Strekis and Dominique Rousseau presenting their project entitled "Renewable Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries."

From left to right, Ian Dunn, Amy Honnig, and Claire Breyta presenting their project entitled "Bio-based Resins for Additive Manufacturing."

From left to right, Kimberly Tran, Lizzie Amory, and Amanda McCahill presenting their project entitled "Designing Advanced Stereolithography (SLA) Resins and Printer."

From left to right, William Maroney and Michael Ciuzio presenting their project entitled "Bio-based Flame Retardants."

From left to right, Nicholas Coposky and Allie Divito, with project leader SMRL CHE graduate student John Chea (lad in middle), presenting their project entitled "Adding Value to Soy Meal."

From left to right, Savanna Dautle, Kelly Yorke, and Barry Satterfield, with their project team leader SMRL postdoctoral research fellow Silvio Curia, Ph.D. (lad left of poster), presenting their project entitled "Preparation and Characterization of Bio-based Polyesters."

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